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The Crucible Korean Movie for Deaf

You all sure know about Gong Yoo is very popular actor for drama in South Korea. He plays a new teacher at the school and will teach his subject Art in a class. One day, he finds that his students harbor a lot of pain and distrust. He took some time to learn much from his students so he earns their trust and discovers the horrifying truth about they’ve been abused, violently and sexually. Jung Yumi plays a passionate human rights activist who helps him uncover the crimes and try to bring the guilty to justice, against insurmountable odds. Gong Yoo learned the sign language! So great!

Summary - Based off the novel 'Dokani' - The Crucible tells the truth story about an art teacher whom begins teaching at a deaf school. When he begins teaching there, he is dreaded by the uncomfortable atmosphere and fears there is more to the school than meets the eye, and there is. He, and a human rights activist, crack down on the school and their unfair dealings, and soon descovers that there is a man whom sexually assaults the little girls there. That is why The Crucible hits South Korean theater happened on last September 22nd, 2011.

So, I think that this movie also delivered the meaningful and expression messages for you all to be aware with Deaf community so good! Because Gong Ji-young, the bestselling author of The Crucible, an adaptation of a novel based on a true story about a rape at a school for the deaf in South Korea.

If you are Deaf or Hearing, you sure cry and feel sad or angry when you watch this movie! If you have a Deaf friend or student got raped or abused, what will you do? How you help them?

We must bring out the justice and help the Deaf victims so this movie's awareness to open your eyes and support the Deaf victims. It's not good to blame Deaf victims because they don't know what's wrong and still afraid to face the public and Deaf community.

If GSC or TGV Malaysia get The Crucible movie, we Deafs sure will watch this~!

For more information about The Crucible Korean movie, please head to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crucible_(2011_film)


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    sad movie.. :(

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    What the hell! A rapist can pay off a victim's family and get off scot-free? How is that Justice! How? And the boy? WHY? In the God's name WHY? What he did, I wanted him to succeed, but why did we have to lose him too? And I wanted the girls to be adopted by Gong Yoo's character. And I wanted his character to marry Jung Yumi's character and raise those kids together. I wanted a happier ending. I know Life does not work that way, but those kids deserved some Justice and some Happiness after all they've been through! And another thing: A rapist never just rapes once, but again and again: Why did they try to find other victims whose families would NOT settle? After all of that those Laws MUST be changed. Please in the God's name tell me there were Protests until the laws were changed... I'm completely numb. I've never seen anything more Brutal. And please may the God's forgive me I wanted all those damn Rapists to DIE! I wanted the twins sister to DIE! I wanted the corrupt cop to Die! And the corrupt Prosecutor! And the Defendant's lawyer too. I wanted all those bastards to DIE! Sometimes, in some case a damn mob should really rise up and just kill people who get away with torturing children. Normally I believe in Law & Justice but damn it this just broke me.

  3. I haven't seen this movie, which I didn't know it ( what's going on) but saw trailer, i was shocked.. I don't like the idea in the family or outside hearing peoples destroyed deafies life.. we are same human being.. God saw whole thing and they can't hide from God from abusing.. That's a biggest sad news for them once they died, BING.. Punishments.... DOES Anyone Know where Can I buy DVD with English subs? I have a hush feeling Govern might telling them tear it down.. The kids have freedom of speech

  4. Let give deaf some support Like Love and caring


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