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GLove 글러브 Korean Movie for Deaf and Hearing Impaired

"GLove" centers around a has-been professioanl baseball player, Kim Sang-nam, a female school teacher (played by Yu-seon ), and a group of high school baseball players. Friendship & love are explored in the film, set within a countryside backdrop.

Summary - Kim Sang-nam, a hot-tempered former professional baseball player, is sent to the countryside to coach a team of hearing-impaired players in order to avoid media coverage of his recent involvement in an assault case. At first, Kim has a difficult time imagining how he can teach baseball to a group of boys who can’t hear, but as he spends time with them he starts to believe that they can play the game. Kim decides to help them prepare for the nationals, that make his relationship connected with hearing-impaired players become closer since they spend time more to practice together.

First time, I watch this trailer about the hearing impaired players play the baseball in their high school! Cool sport - baseball! I know about the baseball because I did play for the baseball competition games for PS2 and gameboy advance before only. I never play real baseball! Haha! It's not easy to hit or catch a ball~  :P

From start, they are not serious and no enough to be professional player... That is why Kim Sang-nam and his interpreter inspired the Deaf players to play so much as they believe that they can do better! They showed their good skills to the hearing players when they are in the competition. I think that this movie are very good motivation and inspiration for all of you!


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    GLOVE such a good movie to watch.

  2. Hi Selina,

    It is available now at Astro Box Office channel 952. With PVR you can record it.



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