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RC Deaf Missions Malaysia Workshop: Get All Your Covid-19 Vaccine Questions Answered

Our Signing Angels Fraternity (SAF) Batch 4 is organizing a FREE talk about COVID19 vaccine exclusively for the DEAF community in Malaysia. They will have a zoom workshop for the Deaf participants only.

• Held on ZOOM
• Limited to 20 pax
• First come, first serve
• Live BIM interpreter provided

Get to know more information about the vaccine of COVID-19. Why we should take this vaccine? They'll explain to you about the benefits and risks!

To book your seat now! Register with RC Deaf Missions!

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What is Signing Angels Fraternity (SAF) all about? Check out for more info about the Signing Angels from RC Deaf Missions

RCDM's students who interested to become the Signing Angels who took oath to commit in serving the Deaf community of Malaysia only, mean they help to be part-time of interpreter for the Education, Legal Law, Employment, Medical and others.

Do you interested to learn the sign language? Yes! Come learn the Malaysian Sign Language with our Deaf tutors and be exposed to the Deaf community in our country. Limited capacity for each slot. Please drop your message at their facebook or instagram page, ya! 

For the former graduates of sign language interpreter only, please contact email at rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com for more info. They are coming soon for August 2021 Intake.

Official website RCDM - http://www.rcdeafmissionsmalaysia.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rcdeafmissionsmalaysia/
Follow them at instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rcdeafmissions/

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