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Eddy, Sign Language App To Teach You Learn Malaysian Sign Language - Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM)

Digi Malaysia launched a new "sign language" app called Eddy, to teach people Malaysian Sign Language / "Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM)". Their goal to spread this app, which can help to teach the hearing people who interested in the learning of sign language, and Deaf people, included Deaf / Hearing family who can learn the Eddy app so it encourage them to communicate with their Deaf children and friends on daily. For more info, please visit www.eddy.my

My mom and I attended the event launch of Eddy at DiGi HQ. There are NGO-organizations such as PMY Deaf YMCA, and media joined the event launch too. My mom and I also enjoyed to visit around the MFD booth. My mom and I managed to meet every Deaf who joined the event, and enjoyed to eat together!

You can buy the sign language books from Malaysia Federation of Deaf. How to get this books?
You can contact MFD facebook - link this.

 There are a mini game, let you complete a task to win the freebies when you try to learn few signs only! My mom learned a sign of "inspire"at the learning signs of booth.

 Many Deaf students from Taska Jaya, Malaysian Federation of Deaf also invited to play "Eddy", sign language app.

 Wow, Deaf kids wear our country's culture of costumes so cute!

 We song "negaraku" with Deaf students. The hearing also welcomed to learn "negaraku" in sign language. It's fun! 

Mr Sazali, President of MFD.

Eddy was developed by BAXS Technology, a young students' team - BAXS' multimedia developer Mohd Zuhairi Zulkiflee, software engineer Niezwan Abdul Wahid, and business development Mohammad Atiff Riduan that won Digi’s Challenge for Change (CFC) competition that develops ideas for social improvement. It is also supported by the Malaysia Federation of the Deaf, which provided its expertise on BIM to ensure the accuracy of the app.

 They love to interact with Deaf children to understand the sign language.

With the BIM sign language app, there is a 3D animated avatar called 'Eddy' boy. He is a cute boy to teach people how to use BIM. There are some features inside the Eddy app; the BIM dictionary cover almost 1,000 of Malaysian Sign Language signs, spelling, education games with the quizzes, sign language interpreting service, and translate word to sign language. Through this app, they make a bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing comunity by reducing communication barriers.

 You need to complete every task by leveling up, so you unlock "new" game in Eddy app!

 Wow, Deaf / Hearing children attracted to the 3D EduGame. This 3D EduGame is very interesting and let them to play the quiz as they click tap, tap only!

For Deaf community, this Eddy app is good useful of education app for the young Deaf and Hearing people who learn the sign language in the future.

Thanks to the technology, every Deaf Malaysians get to use their smartphone to download the sign language app, so they can share this info with their friends, especially the Deaf parent can teach their children to learn the sign language today. It give the freedom for them to communicate with the hearing people via video call or text-messaging in any app! That is why Eddy app created, it encourage you to communicate with your Deaf friends by learning the Malaysian Sign language. You can use it anytime! It is free for everyone!

Eddy is available on the Google Play Store: 

Official website: www.eddy.my

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