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Launch of Signing Angels @ RC Deaf Missions Malaysia

Thanks to Ms Agnes's invitation, I attended the launch of Signing Angels Fraternity by RC Deaf Missions on last Saturday, 23 September 2017, in conjunction with International Deaf Week and Day. Signing Angels. Wonder about "Signing Angels" project? Please check for more info - click link here.

After Ms Agnes explained about the details of Signing Angels project, their RCDM students welcomed to introduce themselves. They are anxious while they used the sign language in front of Deaf guests and staffs!

There are 8 Signing Angels who took oath to commit in serving the Deaf community of Malaysia for a minimum of 50 hours a year. Each team assigned to;
  • Medical ( Help to communicate for Deaf have to check-up with the hospital, provide little "help" for a family don't know how to explain to Deaf daugther/ son or give the advices on the healthy lifestyle, hospital appointments, give the medicial workshop to help the Deaf people have to know about the depression or disease issues)
  • Education (assistance tuition for the primary, secondary and university students),
  • Legal Law (be "little" interpreters between Deaf client and lawyer or teach Deafs about laws in law workshops)
  • Employment (Networking with Companies to hold a job fair for Deaf), Help to teach how write a Resume, and Job interview workshop)
  • Other - Visting Deaf poor citizens or have no friend or don't have support. Sometimes, they can provide the counselling family with Deaf children and teenagers. Or discussion with CODA children with Deaf family.
To be Angels, they will get 20%  discount on the courses and workshops only. 

Agnes also installed each Angels with a special badge. This badge help them to wear this badge when they are on assignment while they become "Signing Angels" from RC Deaf Missions Malaysia.

Good jobs for Sign Angels! They will be graduate with their diploma of sign language. Before their graduation of day, they will be "little" interpreter to serve the Deaf community as they will work to social with the Deaf people so deeply!

This is the beginning step by step for little interpreters only!

Every Deaf staffs and visitors also share their inspiration of life, included they like to experince how their difficult situation when they face the challenges on many times. They hoped that Sign Angels who understand the Deaf culture and have to accept who are "Deaf" with their heart!

A Deaf senior staff who shared about their expression for the International Deaf Day (IDD)

From L-R: The Sign Angels with Agnes, founder of RCDM and 
Deaf Senior for Sign Angels, Melina

If you need a help for your Deaf children or have difficult communicate with the bank, or hospital or about how to apply legal law, or etc, you can contact them at rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com or drop a message in RCDM facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rcdeafmissionsmalaysia/

If you not sure with RCDM, so for Deaf friends, please contact Chai Yun, RCDM leader.

RC Deaf Missions also introducated some activities & learning workshops like cooking, art & crafts, sign language for kids, community awareness, teaching for Deaf education of school and many. They also make the independent living skills to help Deaf improve to learn new by themselves by challeneging their lives.

 Do you interested to learn the sign language? Then contact the RC Deaf Mission, ya! 
Email: rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com
Come learn the Malaysian Sign Language with our Deaf tutors and be exposed to the Deaf community in our country. Limited capacity for each slot. So, hurry.
For more info, please check out below; 
Follow them at instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rcdeafmissions/

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