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The Silent Friendship between Deaf and Hearing person

Have you thinking about Deaf and Hearing person can become great friends? Yes, we can! What are their feeling when they make new friend on first time? Remember, Communication is very important for the relationship between Deaf and Hearing person.

When I watched this youtube, it reminds me about my hearing friends who close with me! Then I miss my hearing friends! :D After I graduated at my university, I still contact with my best friends! I am really happy when they still can remember the sign language since my hearing friends and I met again! They told me that it's no way to forget the sign language because I am their good friend!

First, how to make new friend with Deaf if you found out about him/her is Deaf? 
  1.  If you want to get a Deaf person's attention , try to touch on the shoulder because it is a good place to touch someone you don't know well. Or you make eye contact with a Deaf person, just smile to him/her. 
  2. Use a pen/paper or show the text messaging on the mobile phone or notebook on iPad to communicate with a Deaf friend to get know each other. 
  3. Do not afraid to ask a Deaf friend to teach you the sign language, he/she also happy to teach you. 
  4. You better to use the sign language to communicate with a Deaf person than the reading on lips, because the Deaf friend sure are very happy and get surprised when you show the sign language to them! They not always read on the lip-reading on every time.
  5. Spending some time with her / him is very fun. For example, you try to join in Deaf group to watch movie, chatting with Deaf friend, play games with them, invite your Deaf friend to go out and etc.
  6. Participate or be volunteer for Deaf events and activities. Deaf people have Deaf clubs and organizations that cover a wide range of activities. This is a great way to meet deaf people who share your interests. 
There are few tips to be good friend with a Deaf person:
  • A good friend will always help in improving you, so you no need to worry if your sign language is wrong. You and Deaf friend can work together and help each other. 
  • Be patient when Deaf person take some time to write on paper with a pen with you on first time. 
  • Buy a sign language book or video. And take a class to learn the sign language. 
  • Keep in touch with Deaf friend, make they comfortable and like go out with you! 

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