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Just For Laugh Gags: Deaf TV Interview Prank

I visited H3 website at http://www.h3.tv, that let all Deaf visitors enjoy to watch H3 TV news about Deaf world, entertainment and many..! Thanks to H3! I enjoyed to watch "Deaf TV Interview Prank" by Just For Laugh Gags!

Deaf TV interviewer tries to interview some pretty ladies that don’t speak sign language. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.

I noticed that this interviewer is not 'Deaf' and just pretend to use the sign language. We, Deaf sure not understand him! Haha but for hearing, they thought him is 'Deaf'! :P


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Lol what if deaf person then they will like what lol

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    proud of you


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