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Swimin12.com sponsor the deaf program explained in sign language. Appreciate the support! Details about the campaign: 

How Can You Help?
Sponsor RM50 for 1 Hour or RM600 for 1 Student for a FULL 12 Hours Course.
OR Start a fund-raising activity to help raise funds for this cause.
OR Connect us to those who could help. (Share this campaign on your facebook, blog, connect us to donors, etc)

Donors / Supporters will receive:
1) Short Progress Videos from Day 1 until their final class
2) Token of Appreciation from Swimin12
3) Their Class Schedule *You are most welcome to watch their actual class too!

For 1 year, Coach James has undergone Swimin12's Coaching program & together we have researched original & effective ways to teach Deaf Students. When we were ready, we had 1 problem: a large majority of the Deaf community have low paying jobs & learning swimming with a trained coach 1 on 1 is a luxury they could not afford! So we're running this campaign in hope to get support from the public to make learning swimming 1 on 1 a dream come true for the Deaf Community!

Swimin12's standard charge for special needs students (1 on 1 Private lessons) is RM150 per hour.
For this campaign, we're subsidizing half of the Fees (RM75). The Public can sponsor RM50 & a Deaf Student will need to pay only RM25 for a highly effective personal 1 to 1 class session.

The majority of the revenue goes to our coach. Swimin12 will take a small percentage of the profits for Administrative & Awareness support.

Limited to 30 Deaf Students. Available 7 Days a week. Only @ swimin12.com

To make a contribution or find out more information on how to nominate Deaf applicants, contact Deaf Coach James: 0176308771 OR info@swimin12.com


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