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Apple iPhone-Ready Device Is the World's Smartest Hearing Aid

The ReSound LiNX created the Apple iPhone-Ready Device is the World's Smartest Hearing Aid, it make us excited to know what is about iPhone Hearing Aids...There are some deaf people used iPhone around the world, so they can try new Apple iPhone device, hearing aid to connect their hearing aid to control the volume of sound. It will open up a new world to their users with easy and seamless connection.

The small, slim design will let you hide the ReSound LiNX if you want to or show it off if you’d prefer. Connect to what you love through your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® and enjoy high quality sound through hearing aids that act like wireless stereo headphones. In combination with an iPhone®, the new ReSound Smart app will give you lots of options to optimize your hearing and handle your hearing aids every day.

It will give you in depth control of your hearing aids including changing the volume, programs and treble/bass sound. Source info from Celtichearing.ie

It also get the GPS function comes in handy is as a locator. If you lose one of the devices, you can search for it using the ReSound Linx app, which raises the volume level on the app's display as you get closer to the lost device. It is interesting? You can watch this youtube for more details (English caption is available) below;

Please visit the official website, ReSound LiNX at http://www.resoundlinx.com/

My family are Apple users, expect me only. If the Apple iPhone-Ready hearing aids are available in Malaysia, I sure buy new iPhone to test this hearing aids! I felt that the hearing aids price are very expensive... I think that if Apple offer new promotion for the Apple user who buy new iPhone with free hearing aid, it is easy or no? If you already have iPhone, you can buy this hearing aids from ReSound LiNX and download their app at iTunes Apple.

It is very brilliant to make more Deaf and Hard of hearing who attracted to the Apple iPhone-Ready hearing aids! What are you thinking of this?

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