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Deafinitely Creative Exhibition @ LimKokWing University, Cyberjaya

“Deafinitely Creative”
Venue : Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Global
Branding Gallery II
Date : 16th October, 2012 until 21th October, 2012
Time : 10am to 6.00pm

This is the first time exhibition of this kind will be held in LUCT and in Malaysia. The exhibition will showcase the art work of more than 25 current and ex-hearing impaired student of design, illustration, photography, interior design, and multimedia of the university. It aims to create awareness about Deafness, celebrate International Deaf Day as well as exhibit art works of Limkokwing deaf students.

Do you curious about what the Deaf artists and designers are doing with their exhibition? Come and support the Deafinitely Creative Exhibition, Limkokwing University Cyberjaya! They'll be happy when they guide you to check out on their art design!

Source by: Deaf Society @ Limkokwing University

Read more about http://deafboleh.blogspot.com/2012/06/deaf-graduates-2012-limkokwing.html

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