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Deaf Graduates 2012, LimKokWing University

July 14th, 2012 is a big day for the hearing impaired students at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Nine hearing impaired students will be graduating from the university, sis with Diploma in Graphic Design, one with Diploma in Fashion Design and two with BA (Hons) in Professional Design. To them, it’s a big achievement as they have come a long way.


Goh Wan Ting, Diploma in Graphic Design Technology: “I chose to study at this university because it provides support and facilities to accommodate students with special needs. I asked around and found out that the university is the only private university in Malaysia with the most number of hearing impaired students and provides facilities such as sign language interpreter, special English language classes conducted in sign language and a hearing impaired tutor."


Ong Hui Lian, Diploma in Graphic Design Technology: “ I felt overwhelmed because there were thousands of hearing students and I studied at schools for deaf students only. Luckily, the deaf lecturer, tutor and students helped me to cope and adjust myself. I was also lucky because I had six other hearing impaired students in my class so we sit together and do our assignments together. We also have a club called Deaf Students’ Society and we have all sorts of exciting and interesting activities.


Izzul Ikhwan Bin Bahari, Diploma in Graphic Design Technology: “Life was different here as Iexpected to write and communicate with my lecturers and at times when I don’t understand them, the interpreter helps out. It was only when I was explained that when I start working, my boss and my colleagues are not going to ‘sign’ to me and they will most probably communicate with me via writing so the university is ‘training’ me to be prepared that I began to see the whole picture. The assignments here are tougher and we have industry people coming in to comment on our work and lecturers make us frustrated by fine tuning our work a few times, just like clients would in real working life but all this prepares us to face the working world and know what to expect.”


Lim Eng Chuan, B(A) Professional Design: “Life was challenging as the hearing impaired students here are treated equally as the hearing students and are expected to do presentations, conduct interviews for surveys and do what others do as the university believes that the only thing deaf people cannot do is hear. Some of our lecturers know basic sign language and sign language workshops are conducted to improve their signing skills.


Tengku Nur Carmeela Binti Tengku Bahauddeen, Diploma in Graphic Design:“I admit meeting deadlines for my assignments were stressful however she took it all to her stride, realizing that when she joins the industry, she will be facing the similar situation. For classes where there are long lectures, a sign language interpreter will be present however for classes like illustration where lectures are very short, students are expected to communicate to their lecturers via writing.


Try Hansen, B(A) Professional Design, hails from Jakarta, Indonesia: “I discovered my passion for photography and digital imaging while studying at the university. We have a lot of Indonesian students here so I didn’t feel left out. The university has provided a room for disabled to students to meet up and help each other, so whenever I feel I need help badly, I meet up with other hearing impaired students and we will do our work together in the room.”


Komathi Thamotharan, Diploma in Graphic Design Technology: “ The university provides educational and emotional counseling for disabled students. All disabled students are eligible for government allowances and get scholarship worth 25% from the university. The university also provides financial assistance to those who need it direly. Workshops, training and talks are conducted for disabled students to increase their awareness and improve their lifestyles. Students are also encouraged to participate in university events and exhibitions.


Shazana Dafran, Diploma in Graphic Design Technology: “Doing presentations is the toughest for me as I can’t speak and the services of the interpreter can only be requested in cases of dire need. So we are taught how to do presentations without the need to speak – our presentations must be clear and easy to understand. The challenges here make us stronger and more prepared to face the industry.


Khaadejah Binti Muhammad Noor, Diploma in Fashion Design: “I joined the university in my late twenties to realise my dream to open my own boutique. The course was challenging and students are expected to do the sewing to colouring to creating clothes all by themselves and also participate in competitions and fashion shows. The past three years has been so hectic for me but it was enjoyable.

Source by Yogeswari Chanjer, lecturer of Limkokwing and Images credited to Limkokwing University

Check out on the Disabled Support of Service at:

*Firstly, Limkokwing university offers discount worth 25% to all OKU students only.


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    writing to you from Los Angeles, California USA. Inspired by your blog and the recent accomplishments of Deaf, HOH University graduates. I am hearing, currently work with the disability community, fluent in ASL and am working on a degree in Human Services. I plan on moving to Malaysia and would like to become involved with the Deaf community there in any capacity I could be useful. Hoping to establish connections and or friendships to prepare for this transition and would appreciate any comments or communication. If interested or have a friend/collegue please correspond via email.

    Helen Stiver

  2. Hi Helen,

    You can join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/deafmalaysia/ and https://www.facebook.com/cdeafmalaysians

    So, you can make with them there

  3. Hye Selina,

    I'm Faizal. Graphic student from UiTM Shah Alam.Currently i'm doing my research about sign language for my final year thesis.
    Any info about Deaf community in Malaysia?



  4. What info you need? You maybe can drop a message hi to Malaysian Federation Deaf at https://www.facebook.com/MFDeaf :)


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