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DeafBeat Malaysia @ Drumming Workshop at PMY, YMCA Kuala Lumpur

DeafBeat friends invited me to attend FREE drumming workshop at PMY YMCA Kuala Lumpur on last 18 March, Sunday. I am really busy with the meeting in the morning but, lucikly I got to watch the DeafBeat show!

I registered my name and get an adverstiement paper, "Recruiting Now - DeafBeat Team". I saw many Deaf people come to watch the DeafBeat show and curious about how the DeafBeat team practice to play drum together!

Registation of the workshop
The visitors enjoyed to view some interesting photos!
Dino introduced himself to the viewers and explained about what is DeafBeat? He also tell us more stories about the DeafBeat's experience and good opportunity to perform the musical expression through performing arts when they get chance to show themselves at the local concerts in Malaysia and oversea!

Dino - Presenter
About the concerts in Malaysia and oversea.
He tell his experience and his love for DeafBeat!
And a Profesional of DeafBeat member come out to tell his story that he is kid who love to do drum with his hearing friends. So, he interested in the drumming! He always focus on doing the practice on everyday, in order to become a very good drummer and make sure the members always work together as team, it is very important for DeafBeat group! He and his group members also support the DeafBeat Malaysia! 

We watched a short video about DeafBeat concert in India
DeafBeat Concert at Crownie Plaza, Mutiara KL on 22 Nov 2007
Dino explained about how to make it? Each member must to follow together and make sure the vibration of music must be at same level. He asked some members show an example to the visitors when they are doing a show! He also mentioned, that all members must be hardworking and can practice themselves at their home. When you rest, you just take chopsticks and a plate, then you can try to practice because you need to memorize what your teacher do with you and members!

It help to to enlighten and challenge drummers of all skill levels. Also can learn new material will include additional drumming styles, and will fit into the intermediate to advanced range of difficulty. Every style always be change on every week, depends on the DeafBeat team.

The members welcome the visitors to try play drum with them! They also want to test their own ability to play the drum with their friends.  

If you never have experience of drumming or you are beginner, don't worry. DeafBeat team also guide you every step of the way, so you can learn how to play the drums with them until you become one of them! 

Percussion can be fun, cool and very impressive. It is very enjoyable when you are playing drum with them! You sure will get the feeling of excitement with vibration of sound inside your heart!

If you can't play them very well, don't give up! With time, practice until you become pro! If you interested to join the DeafBeat team, please SMS or call Ms Morley at 012-3130365.

Do your company or organisation want the DeafBeat team do the concert show for you? Please contact them ya!


DeafBeat is a drum troupe who has performed at several corporate and private functions as well as staged several concerts at KLPac. The Troupe is unique as all the members are deaf and they have overcome their disability through sheer determination and the desire to succeed.

Together with Pusat Majudiri ‘Y’ for the Deaf, CIMB Foundation set up a year-long percussion training programme. This initiative gave birth to a drum troupe comprising the hearing-impaired individuals called “Deafbeat” trained to play the Chinese drums. It is through the vibration of the drums that they are able to follow the rhythm and beat of the music.

Below are some of the performances done by DeafBeat:-
1) The Hospitality Asia Platinum Award, Nov 2007
2) DIGI's Amazing Malaysian, June 2008
3) ATV - Hong Kong for Paralymic Games, Sept 2008
4) CIMB Bank - AMD Presentation, Putrajaya, Nov 2008
5) Asian Youth Ambassador's Appreciation Night,Nov 2008
6) The Awakening Concert, KLCC,Nov 2008
7) Drumming Festival 2009, June 2009
8) Petronas Community-Tersentuh Hari Terbuka Puasa,KLCC,Sept 2009
9) SPOTLIGHT 2009, Inclusive Arts, Phnom Penh,Cambodia, 5 Dec 2009
10) NV Star Award Night 2009,Sunway Hotel & Spa, 2 March 2010
11) Century Users Day 2010, sime Darby Convention Centre, 25May 2010
and many....

Source information & images by YMCA Kuala Lumpur at
https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=115859095123866 and CIMB Foundation: DeafBeat 

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