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Deaf Movie: Rise of Planet of the Apes

This Rise of Planet of the Apes's story is less sci-fi and more relationship drama, making you all learn and understand the meaning of lessons from Will and Caesar!

Will Rodman is a brilliant scientist who’s searching for a cure to Alzheimer’s. He has to adopt a chimpanze baby, Caesar whom he raises and teaches. He also is using an experimental drug on chimpanzees which is meant to repair brain cells but, as it turns out, is also giving the chimps heightened intelligence.

So, Caesar, is very intelligent and can communicate through sign language. That is why he is a very special ape and lead his rebellion against humanity.. The Deaf people sure understand what are Caesar signing in American Sign language. Caesar also understand the body language but, it also can talk with Will in their heart! Will and Caesar also learned each other about love, and support your important person in your life!

If we are deaf who using our sign language, we should not give up and always learn alot to become better! Like Caesar, we can lead our Deaf friends to learn something in the hearing world! Deaf also can support each other. You should watch this movie!

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