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Deaf Malaysian Movie fans! Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Movie Tickets!

Maxis launched an amazing offer for the Maxis customers! They allow you all download the Maxis Movie application from iTunes for iPad and iPhone 4, & Android Marketplace.

Many Deaf Malaysians really love to watch movies in MBO, Cathay, TGV and GSC! Why? They offered the subtitles; Bahasa Malaysia and English on every movie, that make the Deaf and disability community happy in Malaysia! The Deaf Malaysians can get discount handicap with used their disability card - OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) when they buy the tickets. So, the Deaf family can spend time together when they enjoy to watch the movies!

Deaf Movie fans, you can try to book online via Maxis Movie Apps if you want to try when you have iPad or iPhone or Smartphones!

First, you need to sign up for a Maxis-PayPal account before you download the Maxis Movie App from iTunes for iPad and iPhone 4, & Android Marketplace.

You’ll also get to enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer every Tuesday after 6pm!
  • This offer is for the Maxis Customers only.
  • Have a Maxis-PayPal account to buy a ticket. 
  • Applicable to movie ticket purchases from TGV and Golden Screen Cinemas
  • Valid till the end of the year.
If you don't have iPad, iPhone 4 or Android, you can can access the Maxis Movies with other smartphones.

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