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E- Innovative Teaching with iPad for Deaf School

Many Deaf friends share this youtube in Facebook. I figured out about a teacher used an iPad to teach the Deaf students in the secondary school - Sek Menengah Pendidikan Khas Pulau Pinang. The Deaf students learned the subject Science through iPad. He explained to them with used the sign language.

The Deaf Students are attracted to an iPad! It make me think about an iPad is an evolution of education technology for the students? It is good idea to use for the iPad Classroom. It is better if an iPad is connected to a projector or computers or laptops or e-Learning board in a classroom so it is easy to let the students can see everything. Bad, the iPad don't have bulit-in USB to connect the projector. So, the iPad 2 are better than iPad. Learn more about my review on iPad 2 at http://deafboleh.blogspot.com/2011/03/ipad-2-malaysia-deaf-people-can-use.html

If the Deaf schools get internet, the students can go to the Apple’s App Store, then can download the thousands of educational applications, such as MathBoard, Solar System, Monster Anatomy HD-Lower Limb, Ultimate Dinopedia from National Geographic and etc. Check out on the Education App Store.

The Deaf students need to improve the English language, they can read the e-book or check the dictionary on iPad. I enjoyed to read e-book while I tested on the iPad. It's free to download some e-books from Apple’s App Store. You can try on Hello-Hello, English apps. It became the top-selling language learning iPad app because it gives users the freedom to access lessons anywhere, anytime.

But, there are some disadvantages on iPad:
  • The iPad does not support Flash.
  • There is no integrated camera which limits the virtual classroom to an audio-only experience.
  • There is no built-in USB or SD card slot.
  • Need the wifi connection (if the Deaf schools can allow the internet for the students or not?)
  • The iPad are expensive.
  • It don’t have enough built-in hardware. They lack key components as well as the connectors that let them hook up easily to projectors and other external devices.
  • It’s not built to handle major software applications like MS Office or the Adobe suite.
If you are teacher, you can try to learn the Sign 4 Me, an application sign language at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sign-4-me-a-signed-english/id312882992?mt=8 or check my review on application iphone at http://deafboleh.blogspot.com/2011/01/iphone-application-for-deaf.html It's available for iPhone and iPad.

Better to focus on the iPad 2 for the learning education? What are your opinion when you want to use iPad 2 to teach the Deaf students?

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  1. Yes, good idea if Deaf student learn using this ipad, they will improve their studying and knowledge. This is because they are deaf, they need more visual and example of picture or video to see them and learn. That are ways of Deaf life to do.


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