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New job from RC Deaf Missions for Deaf!

RC Deaf Missions always help  to train Deaf Persons to learn new skills, set up future businesses to be managed by the Deaf, and provide the sign language interpreting service & learning sign language teaching.

RC Deaf Missions Malaysia, provides career opportunities to Deaf Persons. We are recruiting additional staff, to join our existing Deaf Sales and Promotions team for our weekly part-time weekend and seasonal promotions for 2011 (commencing April).

1. Candidates must be Malaysian and at least 21 years of age.
2. Male and female - any race.
3. Literate in Sign Language, English Language and Bahasa Malaysia 4. Medically fit.
5. Must be flexible to work at our different locations within KL and PJ.
6. Must be committed, hardworking, disciplined and good listening skills.
7. Must be a team player and have good working attitude.
8. Must love working with people.

We have vacancies for additional 2-3 persons.

Contact : rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com, Agnes Peter, Director, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia (+6019 261 9920)

Agnes Peter, Director
RC Deaf Missions Malaysia
Mobile +6019 261 9920

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