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Deaf Culture Camp 2011

Have a GOOD NEWS for you!!

Deaf Culture Camp will be held from 30 April to 2 May 2011 in Penang. Don't miss this chance! You will have a lot fun and enjoy this camp. What is Deaf Culture in Malaysia?

Learn more about Deaf Culture at http://www.myhearing.org.my/jl/index.php?option=com_alphacontent&section=10&Itemid=99999999&cat=40

Information about Deaf Malaysia
Deaf people live and interact as a distinct people group. Approximately 22,000 population Deaf community in Malaysia, they have their own customs, norms, habits, thought patterns, language, and common experiences that identify them as a unique culture group. Deaf people tend to believe that deafness is not a disability or a handicap, but rather the quality that unites Deaf people into a cohesive, vibrant community. Thus, Deaf people prefer to be called “Deaf” rather than “Hearing Impaired”.

Deaf people live in a world that is largely made for those people who can hear and speak. Their many responses to these situations may be a result of on-the-spot ingenuity, and this instills pride in them. Many Deaf people are proud to be Deaf and would want it no other way. Source from JimmyKathy.com

As Deaf Malaysian, you want to know more about yourself? You better to gain more knowledge and show your interest in Deaf Culture!
*Available for Deaf Malaysian only
If you are interest, please contact me. Hurry to apply before 5 April 2010!
Only Limited 30 pax!

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