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Buy the limited Deaf T-shirts from FarhanKamar!

My friend, FarhanKamar who started his business to sell his own design's T-shirts, which have the meaningful words for Deaf community in Malaysia only. He can giveaway his new T-shirt for you all if you register early, RM 25 before 22 September 2012!
English Version
For those who order as early bid, they will be given the discount RM10 and later after 22 september, this price will be normal as RM35. So Please grab it quickly before the stock are sold out!

Price of "Turn Down Volume. Let's Sign" T-shirt:
- RM25 for early bid before 22 september.
- RM35 after 22 September (23 september onwards)
Bahasa Malaysia Version
Bagi mereka menempah awal, mereka akan diberi diskaun RM10 dan kemudian selepas 22 september, harga akan menjadi normal, RM35. Jadi, sila menempah cepat sebelum stok ini habis dijual!

Harga "Turn Down Volume. Let's Sign" Baju:
- RM25 sebelum 22 september.
- RM35 selepas 22 September (23 september kemudian)

Contohnya, jika kamu lelaki atau perempuan boleh pakai ini di bawah;

Check more details at Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Turn-Down-Volume-Lets-Sign/416442845085026

If you interested with Farhan's freelancing design, pleaseVisit Farhan's website:

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