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Deaf In Business: Coffees of Hawaii 2 @ Menara Gamuda, Bandar Damansara Perdana

I went to new branch, DIB Coffees and Hawaii 2 which located at Menara Gamuda, PJ Trade Centre, Bandar Damansara Perdana during my lunch time because I got to be interviewed by a reporter New Straits Times (NST) there.

Dr Allen, DIB owner also mentioned to them, that he contacted with me as 1st Deaf person via the email before we never meet on last year! He knew me, 1st Deaf blogger who are famous in Deaf community Malaysia. So, it help to spread via the social media; Facebook and my blogs for us to find Deaf people who interested in the baking, cooking or work as part-time job. So, it is very good chance for the Deafs get to try new experience & skill when they are working in the DIB: Coffees of Hawaii.

When I parked in the Menara Gamuda, I take a lift to 1st floor which have DIB: Coffees of Hawaii shop. I noticed a new logo; cute Hawaiian Coffee at the entrance of door! It attracted me to drink coffee. haha. Their space are more bigger than DIB: Coffees of Hawaii 1 shop! The DIB of interior are good, least to give the comfortable seats to the office staffs! The customers always come in/out during the lunch time only. Deaf staffs keep to busy so, they make sure their service are good!

Drawing by Louis Gan, Deaf Artist
I really like to see a very beautiful mural drawing by Louis Gan, Deaf Artist from Penang. I learned that he is Deaf student who studied in Design course in KDU Penang College. If you interested in him, you can contact him at his facebook @ Louis Gan

During lunch time, Deaf staffs are very busy to serve the food and drink for the customers! Many office staffs who are queued so long to order what they like. They enjoyed to talk in a group at big table so easily. 

If you want to take photo of yourself, you can put up a photo on the wall! It is very good memories about the customers and friends who enjoyed DIB Coffees and Hawaii 2!

Aroma Coffee still smell like good coffee which imported from Hawaii! You should try to drink different coffees from DIB Coffees and Hawaii 2. My deaf friend, Rachel gave a smile to me! I am really miss her because she is my junior and ex-schoolmate! :)

You can choose one of your favourite sauces; Tomato, Thai Chilli, Chilli, Spicy Pineapple, Yellow  Mustard, and Sweet Relish.I really love "Yellow Mustard". :P They also sell the coffee beans, small drums, and design cups. Now, they give the promotion 50% for the coffee beans. I am not sure because I don't check the price on them!

I saw the breakfast, lunch & desserts menu so, it is better improved design than old menu! As designer, I think they need to improve the Drink menu too!

I am happy to see many choices of lunch menu! I chose Aloha Chicken with Hawaiian Rice with FREE lemon tea drink. It's nice taste, but Deaf staffs need to train more to cook the delicious lunch! I want to order the dessert too but, I forget to bring extra money! Next time, I want to eat a delicious cake; Passion Fruit Cheese. You should try it! Many people love to eat it!

Dr Allen Teh gave me a try to drink a black coffee! This is 100% Single Origin Brewed Coffee. You choose one of hawaiian coffees; 100^ Kona Nightingale, Muleskinner, Maui Mokha.

I am sorry a name, maybe it is Kona? Many guys really love to drink Kona Coffee! For me, I felt this taste of black coffee is nice... I want more milk to add in. Haha. But, it can make you to be awake more when you want to work office! They added new drink menu; Black Teas and Hawaiian Herbal Tea (TISANE)! All imported from Hawaii. It also be good health for you!

I don't try new black teas and Hawaiian herbal tea. Next time, I will try one when I come to their shop!

Deaf staffs baked the different of cheesecakes; Cream Cheese ButterPeach ButterBanana ButterOreo Cheesecake, and Passion Fruit Cheese Cake.

They also can serve the Ice-Blended Coffees and snacks; a waffle ice-cream too. It make you can enjoy to eat the cake with your favourite of Hawaiian coffee!

Wow, first time I be in Menara Gamuda. I think that it will get more green around your place! This is a nice comfortable environment "Green" to hang out with your friends!

If you are Deaf/ Hearing impaired who interested to work with Deaf staffs in DIB: Coffees of HawaiiPlease contact Dr Allen Teh at 019-3523082 or email him at drallenteh@dibcoffeesofhawaii.org. Don't worry, he know the sign language to communicate with you! :)

DIB Coffees of Hawaii 2
Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 6.30pm
Every Saturday, 8.30am - 1.00pm

Block D, Level 1,
Menara Gamuda, PJ Trade Centre,
Jalan PJU 8/8A,
Bandar Damansara Perdana
DIB Coffees of Hawaii Cafe on Facebook

On 2 January 2012, I invited by Dr Allen Teh to DIB: Coffees of Hawaii shop, which is located near Mum's Place in Damansara Perdana. Their shop is very comfortable, and Deaf customers really love go to eat there!

Updated on Jan 2013: Sorry, DIB Coffees of Hawaii which is located near Mum's Place restaurant is CLOSED, because it moved out to Menara Gamuda, Damansara Perdana. You can visit DIB Coffees of Hawaii @ Level 1, Menara Gamuda, PJ Trade Centre.


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