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A Love Story between Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone Inventor) with his Deaf wife

Mabel Hubbard Bell and Alexander Graham Bell. Photo credited by National Geographic Society

I read Alexander Bell's story from National Geographic website. This story is very good to make everyone to get know more from Alexander Graham Bell and his Deaf wife, Mabel Gardiner Hubbard.

Read on "A Love Story between Alexander Graham Bell with Mabel Hubbard".

You noticed that they always holding hand each other when they are in each photo?

Do you know who is  Alexander Graham Bell  who made phone calls when he inverted the telephone on his first time? You can read the history about telephone if you don't know him. We always remembered him because he open our world can connect each other by telephone.

From the telephone evolved to modern phone...we still use telephone at home, correct? Today, we got touch tablets & smartphones! We should be thank to Alexander Graham Bell because he make our life to be easier when we can call to our loved family or friends from far places!

Why Alexander Graham Bell interested to invert his creation works in his life?
Bell’s father, grandfather, and brother were all involved with work on speech and elocution, and both his mother and wife were Deaf, profoundly influencing Bell’s life’s work. So, he came up with his ideas, inventions and improvements for his projects while he was a teacher of training school of the Deaf and tutored his Deaf pupils in his private class in Boston. At same time, he became a professor of vocal physiology and speech at Boston University. (Helen Keller are Bell's student too when she with her companion, Anne Sullivan!) 

Great Lessons from Alexander Graham Bell

1. Development - you decide what you want to become. You can develop into success or failure. You improve your self-development.

2. Concentration - You focus on your project with your power and thought.

3. Steady Progress - Be patient and make your success in the progress to win the race, in the result to make you will be better. For example, Alexander learned alot things from his experience of teaching for his Deaf students, that make him want to improve his project!

4. Open Your Door to others - You show the opportunities and great work to the others are in front of you. In your life, there always be a waiting door for you grow up to be greater! You will have more chances when you share with the hearing world! For example, Alexander Bell also shared with his Deaf students, friends and business partners who supported him!

Thanks to Pena Diam for this story!


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I find hard to believe that Mable loves Alec? Am not sure about that. As you know Mabel have several best deaf friends since childhood until Alec married Mable, and he told her not to hang out or be with her best deaf friends. Do you have any idea why? National Georgraphic always give you postive story. You need to look others stories then you will find the truth. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Oh by the way, Alexander Graham Bell did not invent telephone, he stolen from one guy from Italy who invented telephone but dont have money.

  3. Well, my best friend, Deaf also married, she not always go out with me and best friends. We knew that She busy focus on her job and take care of son/daugther. She cares her family and always support her husband because she love them. I don't mind this and happy to see she enjoyed to spend alot time with them.

  4. I think Alec are very focus on his job and work hard to find his partners or sponsors to support his idea, maybe he wants his Deaf wife always stand at his side and give support to him. :P

  5. myers8:29 PM

    Not to sound ugly Selina but I have to agree with Anonymous I am a student in American Sign Language and just having done research on AGB you must know that even though he was a brilliant man and even a loving husband they dont always tell the truth or show the bad side. this man was totly against deaf culture and was a advocate for Oralism which means he was agains the natural language of the the deaf culture that is sign language he also wanted to end the deaf cultrure and did not think that deaf should marry deaf that only a hearing person should marry a deaf person because he didnt want them to create a deaf bread per say. even though I am sure they were in love I would think it would be hard for her since she was forced to use only her oral voice to commuicate instead of the beautiful language of sign. maybe you should read up on him a little more.


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