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Updated: Be Money Smart & Career Wise Workshop

Hello Deaf Malaysians,

Sorry, we changed our plan because fees RM 300 are very expensive. So, I attended to discuss with Ann Teoh - KDU and Ms Carol. Finally, we agreed to give away the great discounts for you all. And we do a workshop for 1 day only because some Deaf unable attend for 2 days.

Ms Carol will be your teacher and train you all to learn how from the investment, insurances, etc in a class.

Last time, FREE workshop (2hours) only because Ms Carol just explain about why or what you need for career and money management only in short time.

Good news, Everyone can pay RM 50 because we finally got a sponsor, PIDM who support the Deaf Community Malaysia!

Please check the attached new poster.

*Participators get a chance to create "Personal Vision Board" using creative artwork facilitated by Artist Felicia Loh!

How to confirm to register with me?
  • Step 1 - you need to join in http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=147344185338246
  • Step 2 - you must click "I'm Attending" on this event Facebook.
  • Step 3 - If you want to bring your friends, must to drop a comment at the wall post, register your friends' name with me. Or email me at ooiselina [at] gmail.com.
  • Step 4 - Join SelinaWing@Twitter and subscribe email RSS to get the updated articles and events! 
Thank you very much! 
Any question you want to ask here. Please drop your comment here! 

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