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As Deaf Blogger, I get my First Google Adsense Check!

Wahh! First time, I accepted my 1st google adsense check from Google. Inc, USA. I don't know how my blog can get high traffics via Google! This is real proof of my check from Google! O_o

I really thankful to Google because Google helped the people are earning money via the blogs and websites, but they also are strict too. :D

 My Deaf friends also asked me where I get money or how I do it....Be honesty, I really never think about want to make money online. Let me tell you about my experience of blogging. :)

When I learned about Google Adsense which introduced by Google, I put the advertisements google for my blogs, just a try only. This is first time I used Google Adsense but, I not familiar with the Google Adsense program because I am new blogger after my graduation. Last time in university, I have to blogging before but so this is 1st step - personal blog is about my life only. Haha...That is why I started to blog about my interest in the end of 2009.

Finally my blog is open to all readers want to know more about Deaf community Malaysia, Tech News, Games, Blogging Tips and etc...

My blog, Selina's Wing already reach my traffic all time around 30 000+. It always viewed per day - almost 300 - 500. But, it still is not enough to become professional blogger. Haha! Maybe I am not focus on my blogging so enough? :P

You can try to sign up with Google Adsense if you have your own blog. If you don't know how, you can ask me here.

If you want to share your tips with me, you can contact me - here ;)


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  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Hi, You have an excellent blog design! fantastic design for a blogspot blog. looks like a professional website. good work. all the best.

  3. Thank you very much! :) I just improve my design blog. :D Hope you enjoy to read my blog! ^^

  4. hi i just came across this page and the other one with adsense. and congratulations:) Do you still keep your adsense there, because I saw the nuffnang ads and I understand you cant have them both in one web page. thanks

  5. Hi Ros,

    Why cannot put both; Nuffnang and adsense in same blog? Both ads are fine when I tried to put at same time. I don't mind if I earn little or more from Adsense. I just enjoy to write blog, related with Deaf culture malaysia only :)


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