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The Signing Angels - RC Deaf Missions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mrs Agnes, who is founder of  RC Deaf Missions Malaysia, who launched a new project, "Signing Angels" for the Hearing students who studied the sign language there.Why?

Shortage of interpreters in Malaysia
While there is a shortage of skilled interpreters in Malaysia and we're trying to produce more for the country, a Signing Angel (if not an interpreter) can be a great complement as a support buddy for Deaf individuals. Signing Angels can be involved in doing small, small signing roles. These Angels could have small but diverse small signing opportunities in Living skills for the Deaf (Deaf school projects) / teaching tuition / spending time with Deaf who may be sick at home, or at hospital, doctor’s appointment, pharmacy, help out at our charity bazaars and events, kiosk, baking, cooking, craft, outings, signing for Deaf students in colleges, polytechnics and universities, FUNDRAISING, MARKETING, MEDICAL, LEGAL, EDUCATION.

The Signing Angels Fraternity is a channel particularly for graduates of our sign language programmes who want to be more involved in the Deaf community’s needs as interpreters. We hope the Signing Angels Fraternity becomes that platform to take them from being “little interpreters” to certified interpreters with a “Deaf” heart. Hopefully the Signing Angels will develop a love to become an interpreter and get trained to be certified. COMMITMENT 1 year of service / 50 hours of community service - "NOT FOR WALK-IN AND WALK OUT VOLUNTEERS" *

Signing Angels Mission by RC Deaf Missions Malaysia
Reach, Touch and Serve the Poor in the Deaf Community

Date :  Sat Sep 23, 2017
Time : 10am - 1pm
Venue : Meeting Room, 9th floor, Amcorp Business Suites (opposite the RC Deaf Missions office)

Introductions / Get to Know you / Who's Who - Deaf Mentor / Deaf Guests

Recapping the Story of the Signing Angels and their 1 year commitment

The keyword is LOVE (Reach Touch and Serve). 
Signing Angels are committing to break out from comfort zones and reach out.
Appointment and Installation of the Lead Coordinator (Agnes will announce who it will be)

Election of Sub-Team Coordinators Medical, Education (tuition and assistance for university students), Legal, Sign Language Promotion, 'little interpreters"

Bi monthly meetings of the Fraternity
Meet bi monthly and open doors for Deaf individuals to come and meet you at this central point.
The Signing Angel's Commitment (to be delivered in sign language
(Deaf persons to witness this) (you will need to prepare for this)
  1. I,................................ commit to a 1 year of service as a Signing Angel. As an Angel, my mission is to reach, touch and serve the poor in the Deaf community.
  2. I shall render faithful service for this 1 year, fulfilling the requirements of the Fraternity and RC Deaf Missions Malaysia. Above my care and service, I must demonstrate LOVE in what I do and carry a Deaf heart.
  3. I commit to improve my communication in sign in order to be an effective Signing Angel to the Deaf. As I carry the mark of RC Deaf Missions Malaysia in the palms of my signing hands, I commit to be an effective messenger of its message of liberation and empowerment of the Deaf person.
  4. If I have already committed to requests from RCDM but learn that I will become unavailable as the project nears, I will commit to find a replacement Signing Angel.
  5. I will handle information disclosed to me by Deaf individuals on their life situation as confidential. If the situation necessitates for me to reach out to more Angels for help for a Deaf person's case, I will ensure to seek the Deaf person's consent first as it could gravely destroy the trust of the Deaf person in me. 
The Installation (Deaf to Witness)
Agnes will install the Angels with a special badge. This badge should be worn at all times when you are on assignment as this marks your identity as a "Signing Angels"

Open sharing 
Signing Angels to have a chat with the Deaf on issues, problems. *RC Deaf Missions also invited Ms Selina Wing, 1st Deaf blogger, included the Deaf advocates, educators, students and any Deaf who interested to have an open sharing with the "Signing Angels".

For more info, please check out below;
Official website RCDM - http://www.rcdeafmissionsmalaysia.com/ 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rcdeafmissionsmalaysia/. 
Follow them at instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rcdeafmissions/

"Signing Angels" on 23 Sept 2017, Saturday
See you there at RC Deaf Missions, 
Amcorp, Petaling Jaya

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