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Guest blogging is the best way to promote your articles to the world without any fees. This also helps your blog to gain more quality backlinks as well as high ranking in search engines. It is OPEN for everyone, included Disability and Deaf people who interested to write the articles!

Advantages Of Guest Blogging

  • Targeted traffic.
  • Blog exposure.
  • Quality and Dofollow Backlink from Us.
  • Get Featured for FREE !
Any guest post submission must be related with Deaf and Disability if you want to help to improve their knowledge and gives the advice for them. We are very happy!
  • Financial Education Information
  • Technology, Mobile, Tablets, Computer and Gadget Reviews for Disability
  • Property Tips
  • How To - About Blogger, Internet, Computer Stuff.
  • Exhibition and Culture for Deaf and Disability
  • Disability's Scholarship for Education Stuffs and Tips
  • Interview / Career Jobs Tip / Info
  • Travel Tips
Guest Post Submission Policy
Just follow these and you should be good:
  • Your post should be unique and should not be found anywhere on the Internet. It must be unique.
  • Not copied from anywhere else either in the print or web media.  If copied, it is necessary to add source link. Remember this!
  • You can write in Ms.Word to submit to my email, ooiselina [at]gmail.com
We will review your article then will reply to you if your article are approval by Deaf Boleh! Team. Then, we will publish your post on Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog.

Thank you!


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