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Cybathlon: Olympic Games For Bionic Athletes In The Year 2016

Cybathlon, a Swiss-hosted Olympics for bionic athletes, will be held in October 2016.

The Cybathlon is a championship for racing pilots with disabilities (i.e. parathletes) who are using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies. The competitions are comprised by different disciplines that apply the most modern powered knee prostheses, wearable arm prostheses, powered exoskeletons, powered wheelchairs, electrically stimulated muscles and novel brain-computer interfaces.

The assistive devices can include commercially available products provided by companies, but also prototypes developed by research labs. There will be two medals for each competition, one for the pilot, who is driving the device, and one for the provider of the device. The event is organized on behalf of the Swiss National Competence Center of Research in Robotics (NCCR Robotics). Find more on www.cybathlon.com

Source by Cybathlon

The main objectives of the Cybathlon are
  1.  to promote the development of novel assistive systems and reinforce the scientific exchange,
  2. to improve the public awareness about the challenges and opportunities of assistive technologies, and 
  3. to enable pilots with disabilities to compete in races, making this a unique event.
Trailer made by Lukas V. Riener, CH

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