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The SilentSHOUT's Sneak Preview - Josephine, Deaf Malaysian actress from Eyefinger

First time, Josephine experienced her acting in the short film, Eyefinger in 2008. Her director and team invited her to join their project to do shooting. She sure happy to love acting! Eyefinger is a story about a deaf woman who experiences post emotional after son's death.

Eyefinger in International Film Festival Rotterdam 
"They speak with their hands and fingers. Also in the case of major sorrow. There is no other way. Not being able to speak is not the greatest loss. Occasionally, fiction is more convincing and real than documentary. And sometimes short is more effective than long. A married couple with a large and unspoken loss. Even if they did have words for it, they still couldn't have spoken. They speak with their hands and fingers. Even in difficult conversations. Because it's all they can do." - Joonloo Studio - Margaret Bong, Director.

This is good story to make Deaf person experienced to see his/her loved one's death... Deaf keep to be silent and never say anything about death?

I miss the silentSHOUT Short Film Festival 2011 because my family and I went on my long-oversea trip so I cannot attend this festival. We got the information about the Sneak Preview - they bring Josephine to share her acting experience in 'Eyefinger', a short film directed by Margaret Bong in 2008. Margaret Bong and Chen Yih Wen (BMW Shorties 2010 winner) were also the forum panelists on that day, moderated by Kareem Koh.

Josephine (actress): (voiced by Lucy Lim) 
“The other challenge that I felt was how to translate English sentences into Sign Language. Again like I said, we didn’t want it to be in verbatim and we have a deaf linguist, Koon Wei and she was there to help me to translate many of the sentences so that it makes sense in sign language, and then we taught Walter, a FOD (friend of deaf) guy - the main actor, and then we had a couple of full rehearsals, we had discussion, and we tried different emotions we want to be using in the film; sad, anger…...There were several attempts, but we always be positive, we enjoyed working with Margaret. And asking me to cry was very difficult; how do I become angry, how do I really throw out my emotion, I just cannot. The tears just run out, so I wondered what should I do and then that time I was lucky because, at that time when we were filming, somebody was smoking away the Aedes environment, then I have these tears in my eyes, I was so natural and I am so happy. And I knew the crew were laughing when it happened. That was a very good experience for us and after that it went well."

Margaret (director): “Something to add here, actually it was a surprise shot. When we rolled the camera, before I rolled the camera, that's my first shoot, I told Josephine "don’t blink your eyes", so she opened her eyes wide and big! And that time the government department came at the area, had this Aedes spray, so there was smoke get in the house. Well it was supposed to 'cut'! But I realized there's tears coming out (from Josephine), so I said "roll the camera, don't stop, roll! roll! roll! for few seconds, and we got the shot and used it for the film. And actually it was a surprise during the production. Thank you Josephine.”

Check out at http://silentshoutsilentshout.blogspot.com/2011/12/josephine-at-forum-sneak-preview.html

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