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Deaf Rebels want to help to fight with Gaddafi's govenment in Libya

Image credited by GlobalPost
I surprised when I am reading this news from Global Post News Online. Their stories make us touched and think about what will happen to Deaf Libyan or what we feel if we are in war?

Deaf community in Libya always fear but, still want to help the Hearing rebels to fight with Gaddafi's government. Because their father are away to join the rebels. Some returned, some didn't... They are very proud with their father. Mostly Deaf Libyans volunteered to work in the weapon factories, help to fix the building, bring injured people, and many things that they did before...

They want the freedom and a change in their country. Under Gaddafi's government, the education and employment opportunities for the deaf that are very limited. Their community had no education about their condition, which meant that understanding and acceptance was low. So, their communication are limited too.
We always pray that they are safe and hope Libya will get FREEDOM!

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Thanks to Marzuki for this information about Deaf Libyan 

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