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MyDistress App help Deaf Malaysians to get SOS from police

Do you know about new application, named "MyDistress", that are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and smartphones? Since MyDistress was launched by PDRM, many people download this application, mean help the deaf and disabled people when they face the danger. Because you are Deaf or speech impaired, it would be tough to communicate with the police team if they use a call to them.

That is why MyDistress created for the public, it can alert the police team will come to your emergency situation with just a click "HELP"! How? MyDistress can track your location with the police GPS, which will enable the police to come to your aid! Good? :D

This year, you can download free - MyDistress application, but they will charge you at cost RM2 monthly beginning next year. Read more info at Thestar Online: Speedy help via smartphones. Remember, this service is available for Selangor only.


For the user iPhone, download at http://itunes.apple.com/my/app/mydistress/id449839694?mt=8
And user Android, check out at Android Market at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.convep.pdrm

Another users, Blackberry and Smartphone, download from http://mydistress.net/download.html

What are you thinking? This application can help Deaf community or not?  I think that it still be beta for a while?


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