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How about the college/university for Deaf students in Malaysia?

How do you choose one that's right for you? It's a big decision when when you finish your SPM, you will start to think about your future and career on your first time, right?

Don't worry, you can begin looking at what colleges/universities you want to study if they offer the degree or diploma that you want to study.

Let me tell you about my experience when I went to the MAPCU Education Fair in Mid Valley, TheStar Education Fair in KLCC, and others. I also learned so many things about degrees and diplomas when I am working in the private universities and colleges.

Remember, academics and courses, while important, are only one aspect of the college/university's experience. You sure make check on every colleges and universities before you decide to study...

1. Limkokwing University has opened its doors to the hearing-impaired students so, it is very famous for Deaf community in Malaysia. Limkokwing Deaf Students Society is for the hearing-impaired, they also help each other to improve their skills and work together to understand what they needs for their studies... There are the diploma (3 years) and degree (3 years) programmes also be available for Deafs. Mostly, they study the diploma Graphic Design course. They can accept Deafs after you graduate in SPM/certificate vokasional. When you enroll in Limkokwing University, you must take English class to pass this exam before you go to study diploma. 

The Limkokwing university offers discount worth 25% to all OKU students only

Don't worry, the lecturers can communicate with deaf students through pen/paper, and computer tools. There are getting the interpreters for Deaf students in the Cyberjaya campus, not other campuses.

2. University Malaya(UM) and University Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM)

I heard that University Malaya(UM) and University Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM) got few Deaf students who study in Education before. It is not easy to apply to University Malaya because you must to get pass results in Bahasa Malaysia (BM) - it is very important. If you don't get a pass in BM, you can re-take SPM to get grade A, B and C only. Maybe the service interpreter will be available for the hearing-impaired. Now, hearing-impaired students still study in UM and UKM. *My mom said it is very good chance to study in UM and UKM..She wants me to become teacher. Haha

3. KDU College, Damansara Jaya and Penang

I am still working for KDU College after 2 years ago...^^ Long time, KDU College Damansara Jaya already have three Deaf graduates before. They were studying Information Technology degree and diploma before. See my post, "Deaf Graduates in KDU Campus Newsletter". Now, there are few Deaf students still studying Design diploma in KDU College, Penang. If you interested in Design diploma, you can apply to Penang Campus. And it will provide the hostels for you if you stay so far from your place, such as KL, Perak and others. I think that the hostel fees are cheap and it is very near Penang Campus.

If you want to study degree or diploma Information Technology(IT), you can choose which campus in KDU College Damansara Jaya or Penang. My colleague and I already went to check the hostels KDU Teratai Court, at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya so, I think that it is great because FREE Wi-Fi is provided for the students and there are facilities such as 24-hours secuirty guards, CCTV cameras for the safety of residents, T.V. lounge, study room, computer room and badminton court. The hostel also provides buses to the college.

5. Politeknik Johor Bahru, Politeknik Ungku Omar, Ipoh and Politeknik Shah Alam

It is very old and known for Deaf Community, Malaysia. Normally, the students will know it when teachers told them about the Politeknik JB, Ipoh and Shah Alam. As I know, it provided the certificate for Deaf students only if they want to study graphic design, electronic, and others, also with the training skills. They can get the pay elaun on every month and stay in FREE hostels. They don't have any problem when they can communicate with the lecturers because the lecturers are understanding and help to teach the students to improve their skills. The lecturers also know the sign language abit.

6. Multimedia University
I recommenced Multimedia University because I studied MMU so, this is very good for you get more experiences and learn something that you never see... than graphic design! FCM uses technology in various ways to teach you, to create new media forms, so it show looks deeply into the nature of that “experience”on your own.Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) get four degree majors (3 years); Interface Design, Media Innovation, Digital Media, Virtual Reality and Film & Animation. If you want to apply a Foundation (1 year) for MMU, you need pass in SPM with 5 credits with English, Maths and any subjects. But, English is very important.

You can stay in the hostels or apartments with provided FREE internet, TV room, study room, kitchen, and many... Many condos and shops are around MMU campus, it take 10-15 mins only. Every hostel get a food court get many Chinese, Indian and Melayu foods, include Western foods. Its foods are cheaper because I stayed in hostel in 4 years already. When in labs and classes, it is harder for me because no service interpreter. So, I have to be hardworking and also write down on my notes in classes and labs. Luckily, the lecturers and friends understand my situation, so they
always support me. *You have to be hardworking to achieve your good results!

7. HELP University
My deaf friend said HELP is very old and famous of University College in Malaysia. You can try to apply for Information Technology (IT) since two Deaf graduates who studied IT in HELP University before. They have to do work assignments so hardworking and show what they can do with IT in HELP without interpreter services. There are Foundation, diploma, and degree programmes also offered...You need to pass SPM with 5 credits with Bahasa Malaysia and any subjcets if you take Foundation, before continue to do degree. The hostels also be available for HELP students, so I not sure about this accommodation. For me, the tuition fees sure is expensive. ;)


You will challenging opportunities to enhance your talent, exceed your potential and discover your skills when you start to study in any college or university that maybe can interest you... In Deaf Education, many deafs took Design, but why you not try to see other courses; Engneering, IT, Education, Accounting, Law, Culinary and Hospitality & Tourism? They are all learning experiences for you when you will step in the Colleges/Universities.

*If you know other unviersity or college can accept Deafs in Malaysia, please comment here or email me ooiselina[at]gmail.com if you have any question about them.


  1. Hostels are much more interesting place, lot of fun and exciting events.

    Pousadas Ubatuba

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    How about Gallaudet University? I want to know more about the university can?

  3. Today, 2-5 Deaf students now study a course Information Technology diploma in Multimedia University. They just apply online, then can get in MMU so easily.

    You can visit the Gallaudet University at http://www.gallaudet.edu/ for more info and you can try to ask Anthony Chong who are studying the Education course in Gallaudet University now.


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