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Rage Live: Benny Liew's Interview

I received my updated status from "Connecting Deaf Malaysians Facebook" and saw the RAGE LIVE in the youtube.com! I am really happy about this! Because more deaf young better to be active, share experience with others and interested in their education!

Benny Liew is very lucky to get the Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) scholarship when he joined in AFS Intercultural exchange programme for six months. It is helping him to gain more knowledge of sign language and challenge himself to be independent when he was in United States. :)
Source: One solid sojourn, www.rage.com.my

AFS returnee Liew Tim Choy talks about his experience in the United States, as a hearing-impaired student.

Congratulation to Benny Liew! We are very proud of you! Good Luck for your exam, SPM! ^ ^

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