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Tips to help you find new job

As fresh graduates, what are you waiting for? You don't know what/ how you do while you are looking for a job everywhere? From my research, I knew that most deaf people used internet and asked the friends for help.. but, they are not very skillful in doing research internet.. Nevermind, let me help to give you about my tips. ;)

Since I learned about lot of things in internet and IT, such as doing research from the blogs, websites, search engines; yahoo or google because it can help you can list it in your job lists... Here, I am trying to lists some of the resources and sites based on my experience.

Job Links:
http://www.gov.my/MyGov/BI/Misc/JobVacancy ( Malaysia Govenment Jobs)

I always visit this website, jobstreet.com because it is best for all graduates students who find new job..There are many types of job available from many companies; IBM, Ozura, Shell, Maxis, citibank, and many..You can submit your resume there. I got responded email from them for interview before so it is good useful..You better to try this.

Now I heard that young people talked about GRADAsia in KDU College because it provide the available jobs in Asia, careers information and advice for students and graduates.. It can help you find where job in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and etc so easily. Then it is good to guide you to hunt new job in another country! ;)

STAR newspaper - it very important because this details are very clear and can be trusted..So, you better to find the jobs in the STAR newspaper which you buy on every Saturday, or everyday. More importantly, you don't forget to put your email and number hp (SMS) in your resume when you send email to them. :)

You cannot decide what type of jobs; graphic designer or 3D designer or flash designer ..what? Nevermind, you just choose what job that you really love! I really like the Alex's articles in his blog. Check his articles about how to find a job you will love!

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