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Signing Workshops @ Starbucks Bangsar Village II, Malaysia

Have you heard about Deaf Starbucks in Malaysia? No? Please read my news post: link here. There are 90% Deaf employees in Starbucks in Bangsar Village II; Aizad, who is Deaf shif manager and 10 Deaf staffs with 3 hearing staff who take care of the them, once in case, if a Deaf staff have any problem to communicate with the hearing customers who buy the Starbucks Coffee. Every time, Deaf friends always bring the Deaf tourists used to visit the Deaf Starbucks in Bangsar Village II. Sometimes, Deaf people who are gathering for the meeting or chat-chit group when they are free. If you are curious, you like to make a new friend with Deaf there? Come and join us!

Today, Starbucks Bangsar Village II and Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (S.I.D) also organised the Signing Workshops to guide you to improve yourself through information about the Signing workshop. 

on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 7.30 pm. 
Venue: Starbucks, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Village Two. 
 (Sign interpreting (SID) are available)
FREE Admission to the PUBLIC
the normal people and Deaf person who interested to improve their skills. 
The adults and kids can get free coffee to drink too! 
They also welcome Deaf students from special schools too.

 And you can check some workshops which you like to attend below;

Come to the Starbucks @ Bangsar Village II, Malaysia. Have a chat-chit with the friendly Deaf employees, ya! The outlet is located at:

Starbucks Bangsar Village II
Lot No.2F-22 & K1,
2nd Floor, Bangsar Village II,
No. 2 Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
For more information, visit Starbucks Malaysia’s official website and Facebook page.

Enjoy to watch the video below; 

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