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Tech Apps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Malaysia

Images taken by Edward Wong

news published "Tech support for college students with disabilities" about the disability students who share their experience when they used disability support's app. The application on mobile phone use to help people with disabilities around the world. That is why it need to increase awareness to open bridge between Hearing and Deaf community in Malaysia.
The term “Assistive Technology” refers to any device or service that helps people with disabilities complete day-to-day tasks. In the past, this often meant wheelchairs, hearing aids and prosthetics, but now, it includes apps and computer programmes.
Aghilan Narayanan and Edward Wong, are Deaf student who shared their info about the Assistive Technology technology apps which are useful for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Please read their story in the Rage's news at http://rage.com.my/tech-support/

Source: http://rage.com.my/tech-support/
Rage's Author: Naveena James
Image by Edward Wong, Deaf & Hearing Impaired student

I also listed the useful apps for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who need to communicate with the Hearing friends and lecturers in their university/ college.

The list of AT apps for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students: 

TapTap is the only app in the appStore designed specifically to help Deaf and HoH bridge the gap to the audio world. Loud noises trigger TapTap to notify you with vibration and a flashing screen when you are alone. Turn TapTap's sensitivity all the way up and it will respond to the slightest sounds: a distant gentle knock, a door closing, a baby fussing nearby. It is available in iTunes Apple Store, for iPhone, iPad and iPod only - USD$2.99.

Download from iTunes Apple Store - link here.

The Deaf And Hearing Impaired App is intended to assist deaf or hearing-impaired people by alerting them with the vibration and the flash light when a loud sound is made in the vicinity. This app will assist for conversation between deaf people and hearing people. It is free for everyone, so great! If you are Android user, you can try it out!

Download from GooglePlay Store - link here.

Deaf Assistant helps Deaf communicate with others using their Android phones. Eg. it listens to what people say and converts them into text which the Deaf can read. It also speaks the text / words that deaf type to enter. It also provides a widget for instant and fast access that will start Deaf Assistant and start listening automatically. It is FREE for everyone!

Download from GooglePlay Store - link here.

If you want to know the sign language apps with your smartphone, you can look for it in the iTunes Apple and GooglePlay Store, ya!

- Are you interested to learn the sign language? You can take a class with Deaf teachers from Malaysian Federation of Deaf, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia, and PMY YMCA Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, check out this at http://deafboleh.blogspot.com/2012/02/you-learn-malaysian-sign-language-bim.html

- Why you learn the sign language? Read my article about Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn the Sign Language at http://deafboleh.blogspot.com/2011/03/top-10-reasons-you-should-learn-sign.html

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  1. Hi I cannot find this "TapTap" - App by googleplay store. Which is commit for deaf use talkback? Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

  2. Very informative article. Looking forward to more posts in near future. i have also found some interesting info on Hearing Aids


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