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Run for The Deaf, NU Sentral Mall @ Deaf International Day, 28 September 2014

We, Deaf Malaysians always celebrate the Deaf Awareness Day on every year! Every non-profit and local organization, such as MFD, KLSD, YMCA, etc also involved to celebrate different events which happened at Kuala Lumpur, Penang and any states! So, Deaf community Malaysia never forget their Deaf Culture to celebrate their special day to increase the Deaf Awareness to bridge with the Hearing world!

Remember our previous post - "Run for the Deaf Event @ KL, Malaysia"? Yes! I am very sorry for late update because I busy with my projects and edit new template for Deaf Boleh! Malaysia.

First time, Malaysian Deaf Sports Association (MSDeaf) supported the Run For The Deaf, which is a nonprofit charity event, for the celebration of the deaf community in Malaysia where hearing and deaf runners took in the categories; 5km Fun Run and 10km Competitive Run.

Many Deaf and hearing runners come early to the NU Sentral Mall, Kuala Lumpur around 5am - 6am. They check their registration with the Deaf and Hearing volunteers at the Registration booth, so they did their great job to help the runners who miss the registration day before this event.

As Deaf Boleh! founder, I enjoyed to meet my old friends there. I also bring my mom to join this marathon run on my first-time! My mom mentioned that she long time never join the marathon for 20 years ago! Finally, my mom joined this event to support the Deaf International Day since she retired on last August 2014! We took part in the 5km, at same time my best friend run for the 10km!

Sorry, I don't take more photos during my mom and I busy to focus on our marathon run at NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. Luckily, MSDeaf photographer took the photos so you all can see this album below;


Please see the MSDeaf album photos - go to MSDeaf facebook ya!

I really hope that they can organize the marathon run on next year 2015 again! Because it is really good chance for the Marathon running training is intense, and the more help and support you have the better!

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