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Watch "Silenced" Movie at YMCA Kuala Lumpur

Good news for Deaf movie fans! Many Deaf people love to watch a Korean movie and drama! They always ask this question each other because they want to find where shop to sell the DVD "Silenced" movie in Malaysia. Luckily, they found it at the Speedy Shop and bought new DVD.

For who Deaf miss this movie or don't have DVD, YMCA Kuala Lumpur let the Deaf guests and YMCA members can join together to watch this movie. It's very cheap RM 5.00 only when you do the registration there.

From Selina Wing's comment:

"This movie really make you get the mixed of expression feeling; sad, pain, angry and cry... It's really help to open your eyes and support the disability victims. It's not good to blame the victims because they don't know what's wrong in themselves. Please don't treat the Deaf, and disability people as low-status and mentally community... They should have their rights as you all normal in our world!"

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