Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category
Thank you to DIGIWWWOW Awards! Next year I will try it again ya!

Launching of Job Portal & Mini Job Fair Malaysia

The Beautiful Gate Foundation will held the ‘OKU Job Fair’ at Jaya 33 Cybercentre, Tower 1, 2 and 3 in Petaling Jaya, on Feb 27, from 11am-5pm.

Participating companies are include Shangri-La, Elid Sdn Bhd, Pizza Hut, Hong Leong Foundation, Kelly Services, Sin Chew Foundation, Cheshire Homes, Assunta Hospital etc. They want to recuite more disability people, include Deaf and Hard of Hearing people!

This Job fair serves as the platform for people with disabilities who are keen to contribute to the Malaysian workforce economy and for corporate organizations who are excited to expand the diversity of their workplace.

Currently, the employment rate of the disabled is about 5% in general, whereas 96% are able-body employees. There is a need to increase employment rate for people with disabilities to enable them to be financially independent and live with dignity in the community,” Beautiful Gate Foundation executive director Pastor Sia Siew Chin said.

If  you are OKU or disability person, please come to the Job Fair at Jaya33! Bring along your interview and slips, and wear formal clothes.

Source: Job fair for the disabled, Thestar Online

*p/s: DIB Coffees of Hawaii will be setting up a small stall to sell coffee beans and to promote DIB Coffee of Hawaii. FRIDAY - SUNDAY (11am - 6pm). If free, please drop by at Jaya 33 and give support to DIB Coffees of Hawaii..
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