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Happy Valentine Day to Deaf Malaysia! ♥

Happy Valentine's Day ♥! Love is in AIR! All things into PINK for today!! 

What are Deaf people doing during Happy Valentine's Day ♥?
  • Deaf couples and friends enjoyed to chatting and watching the movies together! 
  • Deaf people will want to bring their daugther/son, family, best friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend, they will go to the famous shopping malls like MidValley, Pavilion, KLCC, and many in Malaysia - here.
  • Deaf people buy the expensive gifts for their loved one.
  • Deaf person can bring their girlfriend/boyfriend with their family. Their family sure will be happy and maybe interested in them!
 Have you think a question about how to make someone which you interested that can love you?

To form a best friendship so deeply or you can make someone to fell love on you. If you like someone, but someone don't like you. How? So, you need to make your own chances that someone will like you? You must know that every person is different than you. NOT same as you. You just like yourself, don't hide your personalities and interest, don't talk about your past/pitiful of experience. You think make someone will pity you when he/she listens everything from your past life? NO! Because she/ he lose interest into you so quickly!

 Here are 7 strategies to keep in your mind:

1. Smile. Everytime, you show your smile to someone you like in your life. Don't show your emotion, such as you not happy, not like what someone doing to you, and ingore what someone says. You always smile to your guy/girl. They will smile back to you too! This show you attracted each other!

2. Build up your self-confidence.  Accept your mistakes and liking yourself gives you power and strength, mean respect someone you like. You always show your care to her/him. Be patient when you listen from her/him when you are with someone you interested in. Just share yourself with her/him!

3. Be easily impressed, inspired, and interested by someone you like.  For example, you also can admire with her/him to doing the great job, or encourge and support her/him to do what they like. You keep to praise your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend. *Remember, do not look low on others.

4. Positive Thinking and Be open-minded. This make goes a long way in getting what you want to share with her/him and to get to know what it will be and feel like when that happens to her/him. *Don't show negative thinking to someone you interested in, not happy with you!

5. Be needy. You always let her/him when you are available or need by them when they are free. If you managed to spend alot time with them on many times, you’re highly needed by them, mean your chance of attraction will be increase! *Do not say,"you always busy" to make someone you like, maybe will be sad and forget you!

6. Programming her/his subconscious mind. You also keep to talk to him/her about how great you are than the others, or what they do the better your chances of having a place in his/her mind. You also can give the advice to them. That is why you don't need to text-messaging/email/ call your partner to say hello on everyday, as that would be chasing his/her conscious mind to get you!  This mean someone always think about you after you share alot of happiness and spend alot of time with someone you like. *Remember, You both can text-messaging or call each other when you both like each other only.

7. Make your partner comfortable. If they are the shy type, it may take more effort and patient time to make them to open up and relax with you, mean you can open your door to accept someone you like! Listening is a very important people skill to have.

You will see your friendship turn into the romantic. Either way, the one thing you should do is actively take him up on his offer of friendship in spite of your deeper feelings. :) Take alot of time to develop this friendship change to the relationship of LOVE. Haha!

See the Valentine's Day Google. How he get a girl fell love with him? It is cute! :D

Boring? You can read fun from http://9gag.com/gag/2648314

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