Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category
Thank you to DIGIWWWOW Awards! Next year I will try it again ya!

Silent Teddies - Deafness Is No Barrier by The Community Service Centre For The Deaf (CSCD)

YOUTH In Charge” is a Magnum eCSR Program to empower Malaysian Youths to take charge and to lead projects that will make an improved difference to our community. There are 7 projects have been shortlisted in the "Youth In Charge" Magnum eCSR Program. The two projects under this category which garners the top 2 highest votes will receive the funding up to RM25,000 each.

Silent Teddies (KL) is a Deaf project of Community Service Centre For The Deaf (CSCD) which lead by Deaf Youth members; Tee Ching Shan, Sujithra Chandran, Chong Kar Jing, Tommy Yow Shann Koon, and Sri Krishna Rao. This program was organized to teach young hearing impaired children at the CSCD to be self-sufficient and equip them with entrepreneurial skills. It help them and the Deaf students to learn new skill of baking, such as making the delicious cookies, bread and muffins.

Why they joined in “YOUTH In Charge” is a Magnum eCSR Program? Because their hopes are to equip a kitchen with cooking utensils and some electrical items such as a small oven, blender and stove for skills training in cooking as one of the preparations for the future set up of a cafĂ© to be run by them.

If you want to make their team change into better future, you SHOULD VOTE for them! Please go to Youth In Charge to REGISTER and VOTE  the B11, Silent Teddies.

HOW to vote B11, Silent Teddies?

Step 1 - Register at http://www.e-csr.magnum.com.my/registration
Step 2 - After click 'Register', the confirmation will go to your email which you registered.
Step 3 - In your email, you click on a link of confirmation, DONE! It lead you to login in
Step 4 - Click 'Vote' then login in, then find B11, Silent Teddies
Step 5 - You go to see the choices - VOTE at B11, Silent Teddies

Hope this tutariol to help you not confuse about how to vote.... 


*p/s: Before this, I also confused when I find where to vote after I register. Finally, I found the vote system at last website?! -_-lll Haha!

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