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Miss Deaf Malaysia's Interview : International Deaf Day

Sorry, I late to post this Youtube because I always busy with my project works. Remembered about my post - International Deaf Day at YMCA, Kuala Lumpiur? Read more on my blog; Wow! Great International Deaf Day Event @ PMY, YMCA Kuala Lumpur.

You sure know all about Miss Deaf Malaysia 2011 went to the 2nd Miss Deaf International Pageant 2011, USA start on 14 - 16 July 2011. If you don't know who is Miss Deaf Malaysia, Winnie L.Gubud, please read this info.

Thanks to Millenium Production's support. Miss Deaf Malaysia 2011, Winnie L. Gubud shares her opinion about International Deaf Day.

She explained to Deaf Malaysians who want to know more about the International Deaf Day. She encourages all of you need to work so hardworking for getting better life in the hearing world.

As Deaf, You should be proud with Deaf Culture Malaysia and work together in a unity, make a difference in the future! 

 She wished everyone, Happy International Deaf Day!

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