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Deaf Dialogue - Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation set in motion the first ‘Dialogue’ meetings as a means for young, up-and-coming leaders in Asia to interact and engage in meaningful dialogue on a central theme – ‘Building a Better Asia’. After the success of the first Dialogue meeting with young Asian intellectuals in Beijing, China, in December 2006. They began to explore the possibilities of having similar meetings for young persons who are blind, deaf or physically challenged. Check more info at http://deaf-dialogue.net/

The Nippon Foundation selected Heng Yee Haw that represent our country, Malaysia to participate in the Deaf Dialogue event at the Chinese University of Hong Kong after his training in the Duskin Leadership Training in Japan in 2008 – 2009. We are very proud of Heng Yee Haw!

Building a Better Asia: Deaf Dialogue 2 was held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on 21 - 24 August 2010. Deaf Dialogue is a series of meetings of young Asian Deaf people, co-organized by Center for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies of CUHK and WFD RSA/P, sponsored by The Nippon Foundation. There are 16 young Deaf people from 10 countries participated in this event, included 8 Sign Languages and English and 13 Interpreters worked for Deaf Dialogue 2.

Why? Because the young deaf individuals from different parts of Asia to exchange their views on how they can proactively contribute to building a better Asia and Asian deaf communities. See the youtubes below;

Check out more info about Deaf Dialogue Youtube at

Congratulation, Heng Yee Haw!


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