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Little Red Riding Mood teach you about Facebook Safety

Everyday, you login in Facebook when you wake up before go to school, right? I saw many young Deaf people also like to play games so much. They enjoy to surf and play the social games in Facebook!

They always upload about their life - videos, photos and status on facebook. But, they don't have to check their privacy settings because they are just young, they don’t know much about the facebook. So, you need to tell your Deaf friends who are young. And you can advise Deaf kids too!

Don't forget to set your account Facebook from "http" to "https" and check the apps, and privacy setting too! It is very important for you if you have Facebook!

If you imagine that the strangers can see your kids videos, pictures, may be dangerous. Or a wolf can lure you to become his victim in internet!

So I put some videos, which will explain you Facebook safe surfing habits to your kids. This is really nice video, Where a Little Red Riding Mood Teach to your kids about secure surfing on facebook and your privacy.

Check out this short animated series Little Red Riding Mood ;

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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