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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami 2011: Help the Deaf and Hearing Victims in Japan

H3 Deaf News in Sign Language

1. H3 Deaf News Japan: Donate to Earthquake and Tsunami Victims 

If you want to know what was happened to Deaf community in Japan, you can watch the news in sign language. They always informed you all about the Deaf Japanese's experience when they stay in Japan, Deaf Schools that got affected by Tsunami, and explosion of nuclear reactor.

How the earthquake and Tsunami work? Please read more at http://www.h3.tv/earthquake-tsunami/

If you want to help Deaf Victims of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, you can donate online at H3 website at http://www.h3.tv/donate-online/

Groupon Malaysia 

They need the total donated value of RM25,000 to support The Red Cross’ Emergency Disaster Relief efforts in Japan and other affected areas! If you want to donate RM 3 to them, Groupon Malaysia will match it by donating an additional RM3, then a total of RM6 will go to the Japanese Red Cross

You can choose the method payment; credit card, online banking, or mobile e-wallet. It's just RM 3.

Please visit the Groupon Malaysia website.

Nippon Foundation - Canpan Project

They got alot experience working with local partners to provide support after disasters. They also need more volunteers to help the victims in Japan. You can donate 1,000 yen per with use your credit card only.

Please visit the Nippon Foundation - CANPAN Project website.


We always pray for the safety and health of those affected. If you want to donate to the victims in Japan, your donation will support their organization disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan. The Earthquake and Tsunami victims really need the water, food, health issues and the place to stay... And they need to send the professional to save the victims in the trap...

When you imagine if you are in the affected places in Japan have come to a standstill with public transportation, electricity cables and telephone lines destroyed. Water supply has also been cut off. So, it is really worse and will become your nightmare in your lives, right?

I also donate to support the Earthquake and Tsunami victims because they are suffering in the Japan. More than 10,000 Japanese people may be missing as the rescue workers still are looking for them.

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