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Peace Corps Kenyan Sign Language Website

I am working for my project KDU Campus. :( I also find idea to design it while I am surfing the internet until I found the exciting website from Kenya! Wow, it is cute pictures and good idea to make the flash website! In 2006, Adobe choose this website as one of Adobe’s Best of 2006 Site of the Day.

It can help the kids to learn the sign language, and they put the simple pictures, such as vegetables, animals, and what their country, Kenya have.. because it is very easy to make them to see and remember what it is when they show the sign language but, they show the short signs only. :) Maybe it looks like they also use "Home Sign" since no sign language(KSL) existed in the history of the country, Kenya?

This website also have an interactive games that can give some question to the visitors after they learns the Kenyan sign language (KSL). I always like this game so I think that the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) can do it like this? :D

The Kenyan Sign Language Minisite was developed to showcase one of the innovative projects Peace Corps volunteers are developing around the world. In Kenya, volunteers working with hearing impaired youth needed a way to help their communities learn sign language. To maximize their efforts—and to make the process more enjoyable—volunteers developed CD-ROMs with games and activities that helped deaf children and their families learn Kenyan Sign Language (KSL). In addition to featuring the original sign language games developed by the volunteers, the KSL website provides an overview of the project and introduces users to the volunteers.
Source: http://www.brianpeppler.com/tag/peace-corps/

Please visit the Kenyan Sign Language Website:


  1. hey Selina!

    KSL have been around since the 1950s maybe even 1940s. It is basically a mixture of local signs, British Sign Language and American Sign Language. Some schools in Kenya use 100% ASL which is not good when there are local signs in existence already.

    However the Kenyan Sign Language Research Project at University of Nairobi is trying to encourage deaf Kenyans to use local signs rather than use ASL signs.

    It might interest you that there are 40 qualified deaf teachers working at Kenya's deaf schools (they went to teachers colleges etc) - how many deaf teachers are there in Malaysia I wonder?


  2. Hello, Shane~

    Wow!! It is interesting! Kenya government allow the deaf people become teacher as good improvement of education for you all! :D They are deaf that become teacher in Kenya? Wah :O

    It is not easy for Malaysia..Haha.. I think about 8 or 10 deaf teachers in Kuala Lumpur as I count. But, I not sure how many deaf students in Malaysia. Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) sure know about this...

    More importantly, deaf people must be PASS in their results. Then they can get in the government university to become teacher.

    Last time, many hearing teacher also become teacher who teach deaf students at deaf schools only. Nowadays, it is good for deaf person who interested as teacher to teach deaf pupils. ;) I hope so! :D

  3. You can also check out this website which offers sign language instructions online in different languages @ My Profile.....


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