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"Shake Up" Headphone - Music for Deaf

Nowadays, the designers like to try to help the disability person with their creative idea, it make them take a challenge to to create new product/gadget which can support the disability community..I found one interesting gadget for Deaf from the blog; "Yanko Design". I let you all can try to see how about this Shake-Up headphone can used fpr deaf community..

Designer: Pierre-Antoine Bouzard

The gift of hearing is one of those we all take for granted everyday, and designer Pierre-Antoine Bouzard is contributing his part to help the deaf of the world share and “feel” the gift of music. His headphone design called “Shake-Up!” is intended to use vibration to basically pound the crap out of deaf people’s heads. I would imagine that would feel like strapping a vibrator to one’s head.. I think that it is more like cool fashion style for the deaf person can enjoy to wear headphone when they are shopping or etc.. But, a deaf person can feel the vibration when the people walk near him/her? Or it is used for listening the music from anywhere or what? This Shake-Up headphone design don't have many functions..I think that music to deaf people is all about same vibrations only! They need to understand different of sound 'music' if they wear one?

What you think about this product - "Shake UP"? :P

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