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FireFox 3 Released in 2008!!

Download Day

Firebox 3
is all set to reach new territories, and on the way to its glory it aims to create a world record for the most number of software downloads in a single day. Mozilia is surely on its way to create the record and its asking everyone including me and you to pledge to download Firefox 3 when its available for public download.. Well the dates for the release haven’t been announced as yet but looking at the recent Release Candidate builds Firefox looks like a solid improvement over Firebox 2. I will make a pledge to help Firefox create this new world record~ :)

Nearly 120,000 people have already pledged, but I can imagine this number will grow significantly in the following days. You can even see how many people have pledged from each individual country on a nifty world map, as pictured below. As of now the United States is in the lead but I’d like to see my home country, Malaysia be a bigger part of this initiative! :D Now Malaysia has more than 110,000 people pledged.. :) Click the picture below; Join us~

Download Day - English

By visiting Spread Firefox, you can also entitle yourself a Adobe Reader file or a certificate to indicates you help Firefox to set a Guinness World Record. Cool isn't it? Now I have my own Guiness World Record certificate! See below;

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