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Text4Deaf allows users to send text messages from the Web to both individuals and groups, while enabling recipients to respond directly to the originating PC or Mac...

Think of Text4Deaf as your online command center for text messaging. Text4Deaf has been well-received by all types of people – from young professionals stuck behind a PC all day - to college students working in the library all night - to parents who want to reach their kids after school!

But, Text4Deaf web texts can be sent from any web-enabled device worldwide to any U.S. or Canadian mobile phone. :(

It offers two different services: Basic (Free) and Premium.

1. Basic service is free and allows you to send up to ten messages per month and have access to most of our advanced features.

2. Premium service, which costs as little as $2.95 per month, enables you to send and receive unlimited text messages and provides access to all Text4Deaf features including advanced contact management and history of all messages sent.

Visit the Official Website

*I wish our country, Malaysia has one service SMS like this!

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