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About Deaf Boleh! Malaysia

I, Selina Wing, Deaf founder of Deaf Boleh! Malaysia. I also welcome suggestions and invitation to events or reviews. I am 1st Deaf Malaysian Blogger, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia that provides information about Deaf Malaysia's issues, Deaf related with technology resources, reviews on Deaf events, movies, free stuff, etc.

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia also carry their freedom to bring our voice and awarnesse to Deaf Community Malaysia too. With the spirit of "Boleh", Deaf Boleh! Malaysia always spread our idea to everyone, make Deaf Malaysian be inspired by Deaf role models who are successful and share our thought, voice, and opinion with everyone!

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia is open for all races - Deaf Malaysians to share their voice and support other Deaf each other.

I’m available for interviews with regards to blogging, social media, career, entrepreneurship, Deaf's experience and lifestyle topics in general, please check out on the Press & Media.

If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, please contact me - here.

Thank you,
Selina Wing
Founder of Deaf Boleh! Malaysia

Please read about the Deaf Boleh! Malaysia Blog Disclaimer.

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