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Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) Awareness by PMY Penang, Malaysia

Today, Pusat Majudiri Y (PMY) invited Jessica Mak to promote the BIM Awareness - Malaysian Sign Language in Penang on first time! Who is her? Jessica Mak is very strong-spirited lady, and who born in Malaysia. She love to encourage the Deaf people to achieve their success. And she always bring leadership and BIM sign language's awareness for Deaf community Malaysia since she served for the Deaf society. Now she is BACK to Malaysia! It is good chance for all you to get learn more from her stories! What you wait for? Come to meet her! Shake hand with her because she is our HERO!

This is very good news from the Pusat Majudiri Y (PMY) - the speaker, Ms. Jessica Mak will be conducting the 'Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) Awareness Seminar' on the 22nd July 2017. The BIM will help you learn and understand the communication needs in the Deaf community. Please whatsapp them if you interested in this workshop!

Come join us this coming 22nd July 2017. The closing date for registration is on the 17th July 2017. Do not miss this chance! #YMCAPenang #YMCAPenangDeafClub #DeafCommunity #DeafchangeLives

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