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Hari Raya Cookies by RC Deaf Missions Malaysia

RC Deaf Missions are making these 2 yummilicious cookies for Eid Mubarak. These are made by two of their Deaf staff, Bani and Ida. Bani is vegetarian and Ida is a Muslim, so they are baking the cookies together, so don't worry, it is 100% HALAL 😉 👍🏼 Thank you for supporting their cause in empowering the Deaf community by ordering the cookies from RC Deaf Missions Malaysia.

Please call us at 0379318958 or email us at office.rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com if you want to support Deaf bakers' cookies! Remember, the last order date is 15 June. Thank you very much!

I like Miao wallpaper so cute!

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