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Deaf Expressions - Liberation Through Art @ National Visual Arts Gallery in Malaysia

 RC Deaf Missions Malaysia launched a first time Charity Art Exhibition themed "Deaf Expressions - Liberation Through Art", which is a collaboration between RC Deaf Missions and the National Arts Gallery Malaysia. It is an Art Journey into the Silent World of the "Eye People". They also invited YB Senator Bathmavathi Krishna, VIP guests and media to attend their launch event at the National Arts Gallery (Balai Seni Visual Negara) in a city of Kuala Lumpur on 26 May 2017, Friday. This exhibition still open from 26 May 2017 till 18 June 2017, Sunday.  

The "Deaf Expressions - Liberation Through Art" Exhbition will be officiated by YB Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan. There are all paintings done by three local Deaf Artists; Lau Yok Ung, Zulaiha Zulkapli, and Chong Kai Zhen. It will showcase over 40 Artworks comprising paintings and papercut crafts. Their artworks also capture the perspectives of Deaf Artists' Eyes towards sustaining Malaysian Heritage and Culture. In their creativity and diversity, Yok Ung, Zulaiha, and Kai Zen express their world view on life, emotions, aspirations, dreams, challenges, struggles inner nature, and lived experiences. Most importantly, they leave the mark of their Deaf identity and Culture in their creations, Art is such a powerful channel for the hands to express and liberate the spirit. The creative process involved in expression one's self artistically is embracing one's own identity. It is empowering. Liberation through Expression, Liberating the Deaf through Art.

The objective of this Exhibition is to provide a platform for these select Deaf Artists to show their unique artistic talents and concurrently, sell their artworks to generate income for their livelihood.

Why Deaf Art Expose?
Every year, RC Deaf Missions started to launched the Deaf Art Expose, in order to empower and encourage the Deaf people who like to try change their life through they studied their own Art within their hardworking. When Agnes, founder and RC Deaf Missions team who started a small event at the Exhibition booth from 2008, they never expect to get a big response from the Deaf and Hearing people around the world that love to visit around the Deaf Art Exhibition in Malaysia. RC Deaf Missions team are very happy and received the positive feedback & support from the public. That is why Deaf Art Expose always organized on every year, because they always open to Deaf Artists who wish to exhibit their own emotional of painting! Now, they success to bring out the Deaf people's talents to make the living on their own, so thanks to Deaf Art Expose by RC Deaf Missions!

This Exhibition of paintings by Malaysian Deaf Artists help to spread awareness of the Deaf's abilities and skills and believe that they can express their emotional in the their painting to inspire everyone because they like to be recognized & accepted by the world through their art of feeling.

Zulaiha Zulkapli (Oil on Canvas, Mix Media)

I surprised that Zulaiha Zulkapli is very bright artist who good at her painting based on the genre of nature scenery and landscapes with the hidden of meaning and nostalgia that cannot be forgotten. She attracted to her own nostalgic memories of childhood when she grew up around the beautiful environmental of natural landscapes. She is very skilled at the oil canvas and mix media as she improved her painting on every time as she never give up on the big painting which she owned! I shocked to see one of her paintings become expensive, as you can see the photos below;

I am impressed by her great skill of painting. She also keep to paint on big canvas on every time, as she focus on the detailed so very much. She always used the material photos when she travelled around his hometown or she attracted by the natural of landscape!

Lau Yok Ung (Acylic Canvas)

He also work as graphic designer, and also work with RC Deaf Mission Malaysia in many years. Every year, his painting always be showcase in the Deaf Art Expose so his passion of drawing used to be known by Deaf community. Many of Lau's Eagle paintings have a distinct focus on the eyes of the Eagle. The Eagle eye is symbolic of the Deaf because they are a visual people. Sight is their strongest sense. Among his painting, I noticed a very special painting by him, so many people liked it in the invisible of eagle around the galaxy! Please see this photos below;

and more...! You can come to visit the National Visual Arts Gallery there!

Chong Kai Zhen (Paper Cut)

Deaf friends and I used to call him as Harry Kai Zhen, who is very young talented person in a small Deaf artist's community, so he become known by everyone about his famous papercut craft since he always sell the papercut to his clients; Deaf and Hearing group.

Why he interested in the paper cut so much? He attracted to the traditional Chinese art design, then he make his inspirational of papercut craft become his own creative business on his first time. The papercut required a skill of cutting with the need of patience so much, it is not easy for him to cut one by one... Each papercut take 6 to 9 hours, so some of paper take 2 weeks. It depends on his available time because he also have to study his master degree and helped DeafBeat activities too. He also be young Deaf brilliant between two Deaf veteran artist, Lau Yok Ung and Zulaiha, and he will have a good future when he keep to practice to do his passion in his life.  You can view his artwork there if you are curious!

A reporter who interested to interview with Harry via his interpreter about his talent on the papercut. He was happy to be interviewed on his first time!

Hope the parents brought their Deaf children to expose them to be successful Deaf artist so the Deaf people can become independent with their painting. The Art lovers will open their eyes to watch the best talent from Deaf people through the Deaf Art Expression.

Lau, Deaf Artist who explained to YB Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan about his inspiration of Eagle's Eyes. YB Senator Bathmavathi can communicate with him via the sign language because she learned the sign languagefrom RC Deaf Missions Malaysia before. She said, "When she learned this, she realised that it is very good to encourage the Deaf and Hearing person can social each other, until they can be great friend! And easy to understand the signs with body of expression and feeling" while she share her experience in her speech...

YB Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan be with Agnes, and her brother, co-founders of RC Deaf Missions Malaysia, VIP guests, and Deaf Artists.

Wow, my best friend, Kimberly and I managed to take a photo with our old friend, Zan whoare first Deaf person work for the National Visual Arts Gallery, KL!

My best friend & ex-classmate, Aida came to support the Deaf Expression - Liberation Through Art event which be launched by RC Deaf Missions Malaysia! I was happy to meet her again. She was inspired with 3 Deaf Artists who keep up with their painting and artworks! Long time, Aida and I don't draw on the painting canvas since we graduated in the university. She feel like to paint again. Haha.

How go to the the National Visual Arts Gallery at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
Get the LRT Rapid, then go to LRT Titiwangsa Station. After this, you will have a taxi or GRAB or UBER to take you there. Or you will walk there, from the station - take 25 - 30 minutes through the highway. See the google maps below;

Deaf Expressions - Liberation Through Art, 
National Visual Arts Gallery in Malaysia
FREE Admission to PUBLIC
Mon- Sun: 10am till 6pm
National Arts Gallery's Website: 

Do you interested to learn sign language?
Join them NOW!
RC Deaf Missions Malaysia by +Agnes Peter 
 Contact RC Deaf Missions at 03-7931 8958
Email: rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com
Follow their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rcdeafmissionsmalaysia/
Instagram: @rcdeafmissions

My best friends and I happy to chat-chit each other, while Aida still need to learn the sign language from us..Hehe! She still remember the sign language until now.

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